May 13, 2014

Summer Scentuousness

A fabulous customer who shops in our Gemmy Jewels showroom quite frequently always lets us know what season it is by the delectable fragrance she wears. Her nose is spot on at picking just the right scent for her body chemistry and style. Somehow, she manages to coordinate her scent with whatever look she is wearing that day. It's so uncanny, we had to ask her how she did it. 

First, she doesn't have a signature scent. Not being limited by a particular brand allows her to explore. She buys fragrances that simply, strike her fancy (we wonder what the top of her dresser must look like). Second, she never buys a scent on impulse and she never tests a fragrance in the store. It's just not a real life environment so she collects samples and spends a few days with each scent, letting them grow on her. She audits her collection and returns to purchase the perfumes and eau de toilettes that work perfectly for her. Her favorite Summer fragrance? Le Mimosa by Annick Goutal.

A few passionate perfume buffs from our staff shared their own "swell smells" for Summer:

1. Elisabeth, our Administrative Manager has a thing for scents from the 90's because they remind her of her college days, date nights and sorority socials. She adores Cool Water by Davidoff because it's fresh, great for everyday and has staying power. 

2. It could be her obsession with baked goods that keeps Lisa, our Marketing Director in love with sugary, super sweet fragrances like Coach's Poppy Blossom. Her 8 year old triplet boys say Mommy smells like cake when she wears it. 

3. Our Production Intern, Calise, helps to make our jewelry by hand so it's natural that she would appreciate handmade fragrance oils like her top pick Sirena by Spectrum Cosmetics. The roll-on bottle is so convenient - pop in the purse for touch-ups.

4. Me? I love almost any scent with a rose base. My current go-to is the fresh green floral named after one of my favorite places to hang out in NYC - Highline by Bond no. 9. So lovely, I predict the bottle will be empty by the end of the season.

What scents will you spritz on the Summer?

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