May 6, 2014

Romancing the Pearl

It's wedding season! The glorious time of year when my design studio comes alive with beautiful crystals, diamonds and the most incredible brides in search of jewelry that is as unique as they are. It's my honor to work one-on-one with The Classic Bride who appreciates wedding traditions, The Avant Garde Bride with her eclectic style and The Contemporary Bride and her eye for clean lines and sophisticated airiness. All are very original but I have found that when it comes to creating a piece of jewelry for their special day, Pearls are the most requested element. Their creamy luster, often quirky shapes (freshwater pearls) and iridescent glow make them perfectly suited for every bride. Incorporating real or faux pearls into wedding decor is also a popular trend I'm loving right now for its elegance and sophistication.

Pearls can become a treasured keepsake to adorn the bride, accessorize the groom, or present as memorable gifts for the wedding party. As my Style Board above illustrates, they enhance the romance of this noteworthy occasion. Having pearl bridal jewelry custom designed especially for the bride and bridal party is a surefire way to assure one-of-a-kind looks for this extra special day.

Need bridal jewelry and other wedding inspiration? Check out our boutique on Etsy and our Bridal Bliss board on Pinterest.

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