March 14, 2014

It's a Mad, Mad March

This month is one of my favorites. The madness that is March in college basketball begins and as the sports fanatic that I am, I can't get enough of the spirit of competition and whole championship drama. The speculation as to which teams will be selected for tournament, what seed they will be given, the coaches perched on their soapboxes touting why their team deserves consideration, the drama of the committee that chooses which teams are worthy (thank goodness the playoff system goes into effect next season), filling out your own brackets to test your skills at guessing which teams will win and possibly becoming super rich if you're right. It's all a more than real reality show and it all begins in 2 days with Selection Sunday for the Men's tourney. I'll be glued to the TV to watch it all unfold (GO SYRACUSE MEN and UCONN WOMEN!) and then the madness truly begins as the Road to the Final Four brings college basketball games to watch almost every day of the week until we have the teams that will vie for the National Championship. 

It's been a long standing tradition to gather my equally sports obsessed friends together for March Madness viewing parties and it wouldn't be one of my gatherings without my famous game day buffets. Here are 4 of my current favorite recipes for you and your sports-loving friends to enjoy too: 

Fried Pickles with Spicy Mayo  (top left) and Old School Garlic Bread (top right) from Bon Appetit

Four-Cheese Mushroom Lasagna (bottom right) from Ladies Home Journal

The Snakebite (bottom left) from Saveur

Enjoy the games! 

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