January 2, 2014

Resolution Solutions

I'm not a big believer in making yearly resolutions on January 1. I'm a constant goal setter throughout the year, adjusting when necessary, making tweaks and turning in different directions along the way. I've looked at life as a never-ending road that's not always straight but filled with so many opportunities for happiness and fulfillment. I believe Karma is the universe’s way of teaching us lessons and keeping balance so instead of resolutions, I do a Karma Cleanse at this time of year to make sure my intentions remain aligned with my desire to live my best life. 

Images: 1. top row - running shoes, hand ornaments 2. middle row - create wallpaper, galapagos islands
3. bottom row - fruit, 
girlfriends on the beach

Some on my team are big believers in making resolutions though and I've asked them to share the ones they feel will help make 2014 their best year yet!

"My New Year's resolution is to eat more fruit. I'm already a huge veggie fan but I've missed the mark on fruit in the past. I just got a NutriBullet to help me." ~ Elisabeth S., 

"Spend more time laughing with my triplet boys." ~ Lisa S.

"Incorporate jogging into my workout routine. I used to be a serious runner and I was in the best shape of my life then." ~ Chira D.

"I want to reconnect with my girlfriends. We've all been so busy that we've let our annual beach getaways become a things of the past. Maybe the Galapagos Islands...." ~ Alicia R.

"Continue to live a creative life." ~ Alexis C.

I'd love to know.... what are your resolutions for 2014?

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