January 28, 2014

Color Craze: Rose Gold

Images (top left, clockwise): Anne Hathaway in rose gold gown, rose gold pen, rose gold wedding cake,
Moet champagne, rose gold engagement ring, rose gold headphones
Who would think that the meticulous melding of copper with yellow gold would create the soft, warm glow of Rose Gold? Regardless as to how it happens, I'm glad it does. The trend is most commonly seen in jewelry of late, but don't shy away from it in your wardrobe. Treat it like the beautifully romantic neutral that it is. Dress up your jeans with a soft sweater or light up the night with a dress in this rosy glow. It's most amazing beauty attribute is that it looks good on all skin tones. I mentioned a lip gloss favorite in a recent blog post that is perfect for everyone and you can adorn your nails with this lacquer in this pretty perfect hue. It's metallic allure is wonderfully refreshing for weddings and in your home, brings a subtle vibrancy. 

Send a truly loving message for Valentine's Day with the romantic Rose Gold fashion jewelry gifts we have in our Gemmy Jewels boutique and take a look at my Color Craze board on Pinterest for more Rose Gold inspirations.

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