January 28, 2014

Color Craze: Rose Gold

Images (top left, clockwise): Anne Hathaway in rose gold gown, rose gold pen, rose gold wedding cake,
Moet champagne, rose gold engagement ring, rose gold headphones
Who would think that the meticulous melding of copper with yellow gold would create the soft, warm glow of Rose Gold? Regardless as to how it happens, I'm glad it does. The trend is most commonly seen in jewelry of late, but don't shy away from it in your wardrobe. Treat it like the beautifully romantic neutral that it is. Dress up your jeans with a soft sweater or light up the night with a dress in this rosy glow. It's most amazing beauty attribute is that it looks good on all skin tones. I mentioned a lip gloss favorite in a recent blog post that is perfect for everyone and you can adorn your nails with this lacquer in this pretty perfect hue. It's metallic allure is wonderfully refreshing for weddings and in your home, brings a subtle vibrancy. 

Send a truly loving message for Valentine's Day with the romantic Rose Gold fashion jewelry gifts we have in our Gemmy Jewels boutique and take a look at my Color Craze board on Pinterest for more Rose Gold inspirations.

January 23, 2014

Beauty Glows

 Images: (top left, clockwise) Pinterest, Chanel, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Lush Cosmetics, Etsy, Kiehl's
Nordstrom,, Macy's,  Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
Your natural beauty glows when you are truly happy but there's no shame in enhancing that happiness with some really great beauty products. I'm a big believer in buying high quality lotions and potions but not breaking the bank to do so. Fortunately for us, beauty brands are giving us what we want. Mind you, my current glow-getter favorites are not exactly drugstore bargains but your wallet won't scream in pain.

1. Chanel Glossimer has been my all day every season lip gloss for years. My go-to glow color is Unity, which is a shimmering peachy-brown that works with any outfit. It hydrates deeply and stays on better than any gloss I've ever tried. 

2. Thanks to Jasmine at Lush Cosmetics at Caesar's Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, NJ for introducing me to Turkish Delight, a super hydrating shower cream with the luscious scent of roses. The super soft, glowing skin it leaves behind after you rinse it? Priceless.

3. The Rose & Chamomile Aromatherapy Facial Steam from Marble and Milkwood will make you so glow-worthy. Your at home facial will never be the same. This product may have to be special ordered but it's worth it.

4. The Winter season and its the cold, dry air can definitely take the glow from your skin so I make sure I'm always stocked with the big bottle of an oldie but goodie, Kiehl's Creme de Corps. Thick, creamy, totally luxe.

5. Holiday gifts may be received and returned but my Nutribullet is forever! It's no secret that true glow comes from the inside. Good health is a glow-getter's best weapon and what we eat plays a big part in how we look and feel. It's not a juicer or a blender. It extracts the best out of fruits and vegetable to create yummy, easily digestible, nutrient rich beverages. 

6. Up your glow factor with the new Bobbi Brown 'Nude Glow' Eyeshadow Palette. I just discovered this compact and now it never leaves my makeup bag. Great neutral colors that sparkle for day and night!

Who or what makes YOU glow? Share! And check out my B is for Beauty board on Pinterest for more of my favorite ways to glow!

January 21, 2014

Love Is Giveaway - CLOSED

Congrats to our winner, Kiera V.!

Valentine's Day is February 14th and we are always thrilled to celebrate this official Day of Love. So excited, in fact, that we’re giving away our Sparkle Stud Duo to one lucky winner. These earrings are best sellers from our Gemmy Jewels fashion jewelry collection and are perfect for your next interview or date night. We'd love to hear what your definition of LOVE IS as we approach this most romantic time of year so starting today, Tuesday January 21st through Wednesday, January 29th at midnight, you can enter to win 2 pair of these gorgeous cubic zirconia stud earrings by telling us in the blog comments below and/or the five additional ways listed below. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

January 13, 2014

The Bling's the Thing

Image Credits: (top left, clockwise) FabSugar, nj.com, latimes.com, nj.com
I've been known to click away from the red carpet TV coverage of award shows if I'm saddened by the lack of gorgeous jewelry worn by the celebrity guests. Frankly, it's been years since over the top jewelry has been worn by actresses and it sometimes seems that the fashion stylists who dress them have more of an affinity for and focus on gowns. And that's fine. I love big, sweeping dresses or the perfectly tailored mermaid gown but nothing beats a pair of ginormous, lobe stretching colored gemstone earrings and necklaces so bodacious, you don't need a close-up to see them.

Thankfully, this year's Golden Globe red carpet didn't disappoint. I've collected a few images above of my favorite standout statement pieces from last night: (top left, clockwise)

1. Sofia Vergara in a Turquoise necklace by Lorraine Scwartz. (my best in show!)

2. Jennifer Lawrence's bangle bracelets by Neil Lane.

3. Julianna Margulies in incredible black and gold earrings.

4. An Emerald and Diamond cocktail ring worn by Paula Patton.

I'm hopeful the next award show of the season will bring us a red carpet full of stars that see it my way - the bling's the thing!

January 9, 2014

The Casualness of Friday

Image: Mashable
Back when I was a practicing Personal Image Consultant, I was often hired to help people navigate the vagueries of the faux corporate holiday called Casual Friday. Every organization has a defining culture, a way of existing in the business world, an environment in which employees are expected to do the work they are paid to do on a daily basis and a mission which is guided by ownership, management, a board of directors or some combination of leadership entities. At least we hope. General job duties are usually clearly stated to staff members, performance is monitored. Most structured companies are precise, well oiled machines when it comes to how they operate yet the expectation of how one presents themselves within the workplace is often treated like a taboo subject. 

It's a fashion guessing game that can unfortunately backfire and impact how truly hardworking individuals are perceived. Not fair, but fact. I vowed that if I ever had my own company, which I do, I would clearly define Casual Fridays: Dress in a manner which allows for maximum comfort without sacrificing individual style or personality but in a manner that will not scare away our customers. Do that EVERY day. Then I left it up to my team to get a little laugh and interpret it in their own way. They don't ever look any less than fashionable. 

I try to lead by example. My own weekly uniform (below) always starts with a really great pair of jeans plus a graphic tee, the softer than fabric the better. Add a chic velvety, downy or silky jacket for greeting studio guests, flats or wedges and jewelry from my personal collection and I'm ready for the busiest of days.

Casual Friday Look: Tee - J. Crew, Jacket - LOFT, Jeans - CJ by Cookie Johnson, Necklaces - JulRe Designs

How do you do Casual Fridays?

January 6, 2014

Color Craze: Radiant Orchid

I must admit, when I heard that Pantone's Color of the Year 2014 selection was a rich fuchsia-purple mix, I bristled. That is until I realized that I've been using the hue in my jewelry designs for years. It's vibrancy is something I've often gravitated toward and while most feel it may be too strong to pull off in a head to toe look, it was made for accessorizing. A touch with any neutral color and you've got a modern look that's fun and fresh. I can't wait to get my first Spring manicure with a slightly less vivid version of it and we've just added a few bangle bracelets to our Gemmy Jewels collection. I already have a bridal customer who has requested her bridesmaids' custom jewelry feature this brilliant shade. Our stylists are seeing it everywhere, from appliances to wall paper and as our Style Board below illustrates, even in makeup bags too. It looks like Radiant Orchid will truly be a color for all seasons and every reason!  

Images: (top photo collage, top left, clockwise) lamp, keurig machine, room, flowers, suede pumps  
(bottom photo collage) fashion images from Polyvore, JulRe Designs custom necklace, Gemmy Jewels bracelet

January 2, 2014

Resolution Solutions

I'm not a big believer in making yearly resolutions on January 1. I'm a constant goal setter throughout the year, adjusting when necessary, making tweaks and turning in different directions along the way. I've looked at life as a never-ending road that's not always straight but filled with so many opportunities for happiness and fulfillment. I believe Karma is the universe’s way of teaching us lessons and keeping balance so instead of resolutions, I do a Karma Cleanse at this time of year to make sure my intentions remain aligned with my desire to live my best life. 

Images: 1. top row - running shoes, hand ornaments 2. middle row - create wallpaper, galapagos islands
3. bottom row - fruit, 
girlfriends on the beach

Some on my team are big believers in making resolutions though and I've asked them to share the ones they feel will help make 2014 their best year yet!

"My New Year's resolution is to eat more fruit. I'm already a huge veggie fan but I've missed the mark on fruit in the past. I just got a NutriBullet to help me." ~ Elisabeth S., 

"Spend more time laughing with my triplet boys." ~ Lisa S.

"Incorporate jogging into my workout routine. I used to be a serious runner and I was in the best shape of my life then." ~ Chira D.

"I want to reconnect with my girlfriends. We've all been so busy that we've let our annual beach getaways become a things of the past. Maybe the Galapagos Islands...." ~ Alicia R.

"Continue to live a creative life." ~ Alexis C.

I'd love to know.... what are your resolutions for 2014?

January 1, 2014

It's a New Year!

Happy New Year!  I hope you are enjoying this first day of 2014. Last year was so incredible for us at JulRe Designs and it was all because of our amazing customers, family and friends. We are so excited to see what the year ahead has in store for all of us!  I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you and wish everyone Peace, Love and Joy! 

Although I make resolutions all year long, some of our team members believe in the power of new beginnings every January 1. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post! 


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