December 31, 2013

Party on a Whim

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As I write this post, I'm envisioning a dear friend on the West Coast effortlessly putting together a last minute New Year's Eve party for 16. Her phone call last night was filled with breathless excitement as she explained to me that at dinner that evening, she and her husband lamented at the fact they had decided months ago to have a quiet evening alone on December 31, something they hadn't done in years. See, they are the consummate party-givers. The could run rings around most event planners. They both have high-powered, ultra high stress jobs and children still living at home yet they are the masters at entertaining. Their specialty? The last minute soiree. 

It's truly remarkable to attend one of their swanky events and hear them nonchalantly mention that they decided to invite everyone over that very morning. A casual get-together is one thing but a festive end-of-year extravaganza? Not possible to pull off, one would think but my friend is always prepared. There's are numerous party dresses, always cleaned and ready to wear in her closet. Her hair stylist makes house calls. Simple but elegant appetizer recipes are in an organized folder in Dropbox so she can access ingredient lists on her phone while on the go. A case of champagne, a stocked bar and all of the other necessities for a fabulous time are always ready. So as she once again pulls off her sure to be fabulous party on a whim tonight, I'll marvel at her unreal organizational skills and continue to wonder if I could ever be the like her, the true hostess with the most-est.

Have you ever hosted a last minute party?

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