September 3, 2013

Color Craze: Burgundy!

Images: (top left, clockwise) Tote Bag, Gucci Bootie, Halston Leather Dress,
Hermes Scarf, Michael Kors Puffer Coat
Cabernet, Bordeaux, Merlot. Red wines are the perfect embodiment of one of my favorite Fall colors. Perhaps you heard it called Oxblood last year and the Crayola crayon box labels it as Maroon, but I think Burgundy is the perfect name for this sultry reddish-purple shade. I manage to find a way to incorporate this rich, robust hue into my looks as much as possible during the cooler seasons. It's become a neutral staple in my closet, much like midnight black and chocolate brown. 
For the upcoming season, I'm seeing it in many different shapes and sizes — from luxe puffy coats and leather dresses to large shopper tote bags. You can choose to accessorize with a graphic scarf, a sleek bootie or with a touch the gemstone, Garnet as seen in my Un Ensemble de Trois Earrings, below. 

Interesting fact: This color is best worn while sipping an actual glass of red wine.

Un Ensemble de Trois Earrings by JulRe Designs

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