August 6, 2013

Color Craze: CARNIVAL!

Images: top left, clockwise: ConfettiChristopher Kane DressSea Glass
Fun doesn't even begin to describe the colors of the celebration of Carnival. Held every year across the globe around February, it is a non-stop party filled with over the top excitement. The fashion trend cycle will inevitably return to the bright, rainbow color combinations associated with this festive time but I've never been one to wait for trends. Since I seem to naturally gravitate toward vivid hues, my jewelry collections have often included bright primary and eye-popping neon colors.

Fear not, these thrilling colors can be worn in every day life. The "less is more" rule definitely applies but you can be creative. While it takes an adventurous soul to wear this trend head to toe, feel free to liven a neutral look with accessories like a neon clutch, a vivid pair of heels or a dash of brightly colored jewelry like pieces shown below from my classic collection available at my online shop.

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