June 4, 2013

The Avant Garde Bride

Image Credits: top left, clockwise - Maggie Sottero gown, Calligraphy Wedding Invitations, JulRe Designs Custom Earrings,  Black Lace Wedding Cake, Red Rose Bouquet, Jimmy Choo Sandals
The bride who is anything but traditional or classic. The one where convention plays no role in her everyday life. The woman who takes pride in being unique - that's The Avant Garde Bride. Her style is eclectic. She wants that extra special gasp and desires to leave a lasting impact when she walks down the aisle. I love designing jewelry for her because she's full of unusual, sometimes over-the-top ideas. I'm fortunate enough to be working with a few for the Fall/Winter 2013 season and it's always a wonderful opportunity to try some things that aren't particularly practical but tremendous fun to collaborate on. That's one of the pleasure of creating something for this ultra original woman.

The black and white color palette with a pop of vibrant, true red shown in the inspiration board above is a wonderful way to show off your originality on your wedding day. Having your bridal jewelry custom designed especially for you is a surefire way to assure you have a one-of-a-kind look for your extra special day.


  1. Hi Ya Juliet,

    You have a nice collection of bridal images. More and more couples are adding a special twist to their weddings now.

    Blessing Janet

    1. Thanks, Janet. I'm loving the new trend toward injecting more originality and creativity into such a special day.




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