June 25, 2013

Color Craze: Turquoise and Chocolate

Images: (top left, clockwise) Moroccan Dunes Necklace, Fabric, Leather Street Bags, Bedding. Cupcakes
The deliciousness of my latest Color Craze is quite evident, I think. Turquoise and Chocolate are a combo that evoke icy cool, rich warmth and syrupy sweet sentiments all at once. It's a color duo that works well in your wardrobe for all seasons and who can't appreciate a colorful baked good for a tasty treat. 

I've used smooth, stabilized Turquoise and dark brown Tiger-eye gemstones in many of my jewelry designs because the combo looks fabulous on almost any skin tone plus it's perfect for accessorizing a look in the same color family as well as neutrals like white, beige and gold. The Turquoise and Chocolate style board below is a great Summer look for weekend shopping or dinner at an outdoor bistro. The Moroccan Dunes Necklace and Burnished Sizzle Earrings add a chic factor!

Images:  (top left, clockwise) Brown Straw Hat from Madges Hat BoxMoroccan Dunes Necklace
Tory Burch Gold Straw ToteSandalsDelia's Nail PolishAsos Sunglasses
Burnished Sizzle EarringsCecelia Prado Dress

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