February 11, 2013

Love Bites

We have yet to decide if we're going to enjoy an evening of fine dining in New York City for Valentine's Day this year or if we'll settle in at home and cook a romantic meal together.  Over the years we've enjoyed the pleasures of both but no matter where we choose to partake in the annual ritual of feasting on the Meal of Love, dessert will be served at home and homemade.

While chocolate is the go-to sweet treat most commonly associated with the holiday, I'm leaning toward something less traditional this time.

Mixed Berry Mousse & GelĂ©e Verrines from Hungry Cravings 
I found this delectable Mixed Berry Mousse recipe on a respected food blog a couple of years ago and it has been my secret weapon when I need to impress guests or serve something relatively simple yet elegant. My significant other puts it high on his request list so I make it often enough to consider myself a bit of an expert. So I say, don't let the preparation of the puree defeat you. This dish is well worth the effort. It's the perfect ending to a sweet day. 

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