January 17, 2013

Color Craze: Ginger Snap

Food has influenced my jewelry in so many ways. The smell of a dish, whether savory or sweet has inspired some of my most colorful pieces. Spices always elicit special creative fluidity. Ginger, well, the color that comes to mind most when you try to envision the flavor, has been a bit of a design obsession. I delight in seeing the color everywhere from lipstick to home furnishings. 

Images: (above, top, left to right) Ginger Snap Cookies, Ginger hair, Ginger Taupe laminate (bottom, left to right) Carnelian gemstone beads, Ginger root, Ginger jars 

The golden reddish-brown hue is so rich and warm, it can add a power punch to neutrals. Using Polyvore to illustrate, I teamed it with a classic cream sweater dress and added ginger peep toe suede t-strap heels and a stylish leather bag. Wear with my chunky Ginger Snap Necklace and you've got an extra spicy but sublimely sophisticated look!

What do you think of the color, Ginger?

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