November 13, 2012

Color Craze: Gray Days

As I wrapped up production of my latest jewelry collection back in August, I wondered if it was too much of a departure from my normally color-filled aesthetic. Would my customers be confused about the direction I was taking? I was so inspired by a hot Summer day and a brisk walk I took near a construction zone by the Hudson River. Sheets of cool slate lay on top of gravel and pebbles. The sun shone brightly on piles of rough rock, casting a prism of shadows that created more shades of gray than I ever thought possible. And while gray is considered a neutral in the world of fashion, I saw texture, vibrancy and endless creative possibilities.

Polished Organics is my homage to the shiny beauty of stones like Hematite, puffy clouds before a rainstorm, brand new No. 2 pencils and that pile of clean slate on that beautiful Summer day. 

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