September 27, 2012

Color Craze: Blue Green Scene

Images (top left, clockwise): Blue/Green pumps on the runway, Wall Art, Skirt and Blouse,
Blue and Green Tableware, Paintbrushes

There's no color combination that calms, soothes and cheers you up at the same time like Blue and Green. It's the type of match-up that's alive, vibrant and can work in your closet for all seasons. Add the combo to your wardrobe with accessories to inject a pop of cool color to a neutral outfit or wear it head to toe for a fresh, modern statement.

I love working these colors into my jewelry collections because there are endless shade variations that can compliment all skin types. For beautiful Fall looks, think deep blue/green Azurite, Turquoise, rich green Malachite and royal blue Lapis.

Images: 1. Seagrove Necklace, 2. Cote d'Azur Bracelet, 3. Seaside Earrings,
4. Fresh Bracelet , 5. Custom Earrings, 6. Rainforest Necklace

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