April 3, 2012

Beauty in the Jewelry Studio

Technically, we're on Spring Break at my company, but what that really means for us is that we slow our pace for one week (we do this at the beginning of every quarter) to catch-up, regroup and revitalize.  We work from home on projects of our choice, no shows, no travel, no meetings.  Except for our weekly Monday morning status call, made mandatory by our business manager,  a Type A+ workaholic personality with no turn-off switch. But I digress.  

After we'd finished dealing with business matters yesterday but before we all hung up, we segued into a discussion about the work we do when we're together in my design studio and regardless as to whether we're working with gemstones, packing jewelry for shipment or filing sketches of design ideas, dry hands are something we all have to contend with.  I mentioned that I'm loving (2) Vaseline Intensive Rescue Healing Hand Cream because it's really moisturizing, non-greasy and fragrance free.  All of a sudden there were gasps of agreement. Unbeknownst to each of us, we all had been using the exact same cream.  As the conversation progressed, we realized we all had must-have beauty products for surviving in the studio. So I took notes and here's a list of a few of our favorite items you might find in our handbags or desk drawers. You might want to give them a try too:

Lisa, our PR & Social Media Manager always has gorgeous hands, even after a day of typing out posts and pitches. She says the (1) Diamancel Flexible Diamond Nail Files make it easy to keep from her nails smooth and shapely. She's also a moisture freak, drinking water all day for her internal well being and refreshing her face from the dry studio air with (4) evian Facial Spray. Elisabeth, who makes sure everything runs smoothly for all of us everyday, does tons of paperwork and frequently needs to get her fragile hair away from her face. (9) Scunci "No Damage" Elastics are gentle and don't cause breakage when removed. Since tiny cuts from paper or moving boxes or unwinding wire are commonplace, she also swears by (7) Tea Tree Therapy for healing them quickly and painlessly. Our talented Sales Director and Trunk Show hostess extraordinaire, Alicia, surprised us all with her beauty secret, (6) the best hair brush around by Frederic Fekkai as a holiday gift. We're in deep LOVE with the brush for its convenient travel size but also the protecting natural boar bristles. 

I'm always on the move, meeting customers for jewelry styling or custom design consultations so when I need to refresh my makeup in between appointments, I rely on (8) L'Oreal Advanced Revitalift Radiant Smoothing Wet Cleansing Towelettes. They're not drying, remove eye makeup thoroughly and leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.  And speaking of soft and smooth, I can't live without (3) Sara Happ's Lip Slip. It's super-hydrating and makes a perfect base before retouching my lipstick. And we can't leave out Brett, our new Shipping Manager, who insisted on being included in this post. He says all he needs to stay beautiful (said with mocking sarcasm) is (5) Vitamin B-12. He claims it's the reason his energy level is high and his hair is glossy. We're not sure about the hair claim but we do believe he may be onto something with regard to energy. When we're all fading fast into the 3 PM slump, he's the peppy, annoyingly positive one in no need of a coffee infusion. We may be ordering a few bottles for the studio.

Enjoy these suggestions!

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