March 15, 2012

Turning Tricks Into Treats

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Once again I find myself at the tail end of planning a Summer vacation that may or may not happen. Oh, everything was prepaid many months ago and as long as I'm still on this earth, I will make it to the resort where we've rented a beautiful house, hoping beyond hope that we'll be able to stay for the entire 3 weeks as planned.  For the past two years, due to the demands of entrepreneurship, vacation has always amounted to any number of hastily strewn together long weekends which no matter how much I promise, swear and cajole myself into believing that I can leave the work behind, almost always ended up being 30% vacation, 70% business. Quite frankly that can never be a substitution for the complete detachment from the world that 2-3 weeks totally away from the distractions of work can bring.  It doesn't help that my significant other, also an entrepreneur, has no turn off switch.

So what will make this time different? I'm not sure yet but I do know that it's only March and I'm already looking ahead to a break in the action.  Maybe if I practice an adult version what my Mom used to do with my brother and I as kids to get us to go to sleep at night.  She would keep us so active during the day that we would tire ourselves out and our bodies would make the shut down decision for us. Sleep came fast and easy.  I won't work so hard that I damage my wellbeing but perhaps I can trick myself into letting go completely this year. Guaranteed I'll need help getting to the treat.  Can you relate?

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