January 30, 2012

Less is Less. More is More.

If my life were a classified ad, it would read "Help Wanted: Designer Seeks a Life Balance Manager to Simplify her Existence".  Self-help books, focused meditations, mantras, visualization practices - I've tried them all.  And some of them have actually worked for me in small ways but there's been no better way to create the less chaotic life is desire than to be honest about what I am truly capable of handling.  The fact is, the more work and responsibility I take on, the more complicated each day is. The less I try to tackle, the less need for me to sweat the the small stuff. It's a very simple formula yet one that's ever increasingly difficult to implement. The reality of every day brings out-of-this-world challenges, unexpected smack downs but alternately highs so high you can become breathless from their heights.  The sheer act of trying to prioritize and put things into proper perspective can be exhausting.  And let's not forget that this life isn't just about us.  For most, what we decide to do and how we choose to do it impacts a host of others caught up in our orbit.  So with all of the moving pieces in our daily journey, is real balance a myth?  Maybe.

I think perfectionism, while necessary in cases where a precise outcome is required, like building airplanes, can be a destructive tool in the hands of a stressed out, over-wrought individual who feels the pressure to get a myriad of things done within any given 24 hour period.  You can't escape what life dishes out but you can control how much of it you take on.  The sooner we accept that the quest for a life of equilibrium will no doubt include many, many times of imbalance, the sooner we are able be at peace the imperfect nature of being.  I'm going to start this week off by acknowledging that there's only so much I can do. What I can accomplish, I will.  What I can't, I will accept. 

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