June 21, 2011

Light Bulb Moments

"To have a "light-bulb moment", the power has to be on." 
 Jennifer L. Feuerstein, Author

So far, the first half of this year has been filled with awakenings for me.  I thought my creative juice flow had been extremely compromised at the end of the cold, gray Winter season.  Dealing with a complex business issue that would have significant impact on my personal life stifled me.  Finding the words to say in this blog completely baffled me.  But when the sun began to shine on Spring, it switched on a bright light that opened my mind, cleared the proverbial cobwebs and offered the clarity I always seem to think I've lost forever.  In full disclosure, I go through this process of lost and found every year and I know I'm not alone.  Maybe those newfangled, energy efficient, long life bulbs will keep the power on a little bit longer this time.


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