August 2, 2011

Dreams, Visions and Inspirations

Part of my jewelry design process has always, in some way involved my dreams.  Whether daydreams, nighttime visions or walking meditations, inspiration for my designs often comes from things I see when I'm not really looking for them.  When this happens, I try to capture some kind of image.  Fast, before it flees.  I carry a tiny sketch pad and colored pencil set with me wherever I go.  Some kind of camera is always within reach because I can never predict when something is going to resonate with my creative soul.  When I sit down to plan a jewelry collection, I always assemble a vision board, complete with visual images that represent my thoughts and feelings plus things that I feel are striking, eclectic or just plain beautiful.  Above, you'll see some things that have inspired me as I've designed my Fall 2011 jewelry collection.  As always, rich, full tones and textures have been my muse.  I can't help but be drawn to the traditional autumnal colors you see here but I love using them in modern combinations as my new jewelry will reflect.
I'm looking forward to sharing my new designs with everyone in my NJ studio during the Fall trunk shows I have planned for September and October.  It's always a wonderfully inspiring experience to hear what my customers have to say about my work.  I love hearing their visions of the perfect piece of jewelry and I'm honored when I'm asked to work with them to make their visions a reality.  Inspiration truly is everywhere.

June 21, 2011

Light Bulb Moments

"To have a "light-bulb moment", the power has to be on." 
 Jennifer L. Feuerstein, Author

So far, the first half of this year has been filled with awakenings for me.  I thought my creative juice flow had been extremely compromised at the end of the cold, gray Winter season.  Dealing with a complex business issue that would have significant impact on my personal life stifled me.  Finding the words to say in this blog completely baffled me.  But when the sun began to shine on Spring, it switched on a bright light that opened my mind, cleared the proverbial cobwebs and offered the clarity I always seem to think I've lost forever.  In full disclosure, I go through this process of lost and found every year and I know I'm not alone.  Maybe those newfangled, energy efficient, long life bulbs will keep the power on a little bit longer this time.



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