November 8, 2010

The Sporting Life

Left to right: US Open Tennis, NY Jets Football, NY Yankees Baseball, NY Knicks Basketball
You could label me a sports-aholic, sports addict or sports fanatic and be very accurate in your assessment.  Year-round, I'm mesmerized by athletics of all kinds.  From boxing to tennis to track and field, at any given time of the year I'm finding a way to be in a stadium, arena or glued to the TV for the next game, match, race or set.  ESPN is my TV channel of choice and their ScoreCenter app sits prominently on the first screen on my iPhone.  My significant other and I host semi bi-weekly NFL viewing parties during football season so our fellow fanatics can come together for great food and raucous analysis of every pass or fumble.

This year alone, I've attended the Barclays Golf Tournament, the US Open Tennis Tournament, a NY Yankees regular season baseball game, a NJ Nets basketball game on Wednesday and a NY Knicks game yesterday.  Add the NY Jets football game my other half recently attended and you can understand why our friends say we live a sporting life. (We're working on future vacations with Super Bowl, NCAA Final Four Basketball Tournament, Olympics and World Cup Soccer themes)

I find it funny that some people are surprised at my veracity for sports.  They assume that I come from a family of athletes, was one myself or my Dad must have encouraged it but the truth is that no one in my family was what I would consider a true athlete.  It was probably more my Mom's love of high school football, wrestling and gymnastics that influenced me early on. I grew up happily braving the cold weather to watch teenagers run up and down rock hard fields laced with snow to catch pigskin balls and gladly sweated it out in over-heated gyms to see young men contort their bodies on mats to pin an opponent or young women fling themselves into open air and balance themselves precariously on long, thin blocks of wood.  At my Mom's insistence, for many years my parents had season tickets for Philadelphia Flyers hockey and Phillies baseball.  My Dad owns enough team paraphernalia to open a storefront.  

Call it the thrill of competition, the camaraderie I experience being with others who appreciate the unique nature athletics, a latent desire to be an athlete or just to be a part of team play, I can't imagine my life without, as Jim McKay, legendary ABC Sports announcer once said, "the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat."

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