October 25, 2010

Strong Images & Warm Sensations

This weekend, a customer visited my studio and while perusing my current collection of jewelry, she picked up a particularly colorful necklace and began to stare at it intensely.  After a few minutes, I began to wonder if she felt a special connection to the piece, if it reminded her of something or someone or if she was repulsed by it.  Actually the necklace was conjuring up a series of strong images and warm sensations for her, sort of like the inspiration boards I create when I design.  Obviously, she took that as a sign that the necklace was made for her and purchased it immediately.  I believe jewelry is a very personal expression of who a person is and is an outward expression of their inner self.  

Above is a vision board that includes some of my creative inspirations for my Fall 2010 jewelry collection as well as a few of my favorite designs.  What colors and images create an emotional response or inspire your creativity?

Some images courtesy of Hermes.com, Anthropologie.com

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