August 9, 2010

A Foodie's End of Days

I've begun to mourn the loss of Summer even though the almanac says that the Fall equinox doesn't occur until September 22nd this year.  For this foodie, the best part of this warm weather season has been the abundance of fresh fruits available at farmer's markets and food stands in my area.  As a true lover of all berries including blueberries, strawberries and blackberries, I've been enjoying the plethora of colorful, plump little bundles of sweetness that have filled bowls and baskets on my kitchen counter.  The aromas that have filled my home during the slicing of strawberries for a simple fruit cup sprinkled lightly with Turbinado sugar or the blueberries and raspberries whipped together in a blender with yogurt or ripe bananas for smoothies, have all elicited big, happy smiles on the faces of those who have enjoyed coming to eat with me.  So it saddens me that I am already seeing a decline in the availability of berry life - a sure sign that the end of fresh local fruit days are near.  Sure, I can buy berries all year round that were grown in other states and countries but meeting and supporting local growers in person has been a pleasure I will surely miss.  Until next year.

Fruity Gems:
My favorite fresh berry dessert recipe
A local (NJ) farm find where picking your own berries is de rigueur
A necklace I designed inspired by my love of berries

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