June 7, 2010

Confessions of a Quirky Collector

Since I was a small child growing up in southern New Jersey, I've always had a penchant for multiples.  As a gangly pre-teen who reached my current height of 5'8" with size 10 feet by age 12, my fashion choices were limited by what was available in that obscure world between the Juniors and Misses sections.  My clever and imaginative mother would go on search and find missions in her favorite specialty department store, somehow always able to identify the appropriate styles for my age and then bulk buy them in every color available.  I still shop like this today, especially for shoes and J. Crew cardigans.  Old habits....

I think that childhood experience, in some roundabout way, is the reason I started collecting.  My need to see similar items all lined up is undeniably strong.  Early on, I was obsessed with tiny porcelain shoes, all made by a singular artist.  That morphed into paintings of flowers a la Georgia O'Keeffe.  For the past few years, I've been fixated on cups.  Tea cups, coffee cups, espresso cups, mugs.  Not just your everyday Fiesta cup either.  Quirky, eclectic, highly unusual cups.  My most recent drool-worthy find is the handpainted espresso cup and dessert tray (above) discovered in an art gallery in Washington, DC.  The artist is unknown but what drew me to the set are the brilliant colors used which remind me of my own jewelry design aesthetic - vivid, bright, fun.

And I'm on a discovery roll!  Take a wide-eyed look at my recent handcrafted Etsy finds by 4 amazing artisans:
Do you share my love of quirky collections?  Leave a comment and share your discoveries.

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