May 31, 2010

Taking Advantage

As many Americans in the United States honor the memories of the men and women who gave their lives in military service to our country on Memorial Day and celebrate the unofficial start to the Summer season with parades, BBQs and informal family and friend gatherings during the extended weekend, my man and I took some time to pay our respects and enjoy a much needed slower pace, doing only things that gave us quiet pleasure.  Friends who unexpectedly came into town and a medium-sized family crisis didn't deter us as we were on a mission to keep our promise to ourselves that the weekend would be about grabbing some true stress relief, the kind that didn't involve a lot of unnecessary interruptions, moving, talking or thinking.  

 Newport Marina, Jersey City, NJ
To our credit, we didn't make it complicated.  We found our peace in the simplest ways.  Enjoying homemade ice cream sundaes in a neighborhood park among chirping birds and lush plant life.  On a semi-secluded beach reading long forgotten books the old fashioned way, in paperback with folded pages as bookmarks as the waves crashed along the shore line.  A bountiful breakfast at a riverfront boite overlooking the New York City skyline, indulging in buttery Cinnamon French Toast while watching weekend boaters set sail on aquatic adventures.  We didn't say a lot to each other for fear we'd disturb the peaceful groove we'd created but we smiled a lot as we marveled at how each path we walked took a bit of stress away.  It's not often we get the chance to totally orchestrate consistent moments of stress-free living so we're taking full advantage of the rare opportunity before the reality of life (otherwise known as Tuesday) fades it away.

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