January 18, 2010

There's Always Room for Love

I had a friend (emphasis on the word "had") who has a rather depressing, doomsday view of life.  No joy can be found in this person's soul.  Life's trials and tribulations have robbed her of inner peace and slowly eroded her desire to get it back.  Unfortunately, I can no longer let her malevolence drain my spirit and I made the difficult decision to end our relationship.  However, today I sent her this passage from the inspirational website Daily Om.  I have no delusions of the words jumping off the page and leaping into her heart, turning it from dark to light, but I do wish her well and I hold out hope that someday she will find love for herself and the world around her.

That whole unfortunate experience made me remember that, in light of the many challenges that we have faced this past decade, this past year, this past week in our world, the tragic events in Haiti not withstanding, we should be so very grateful to have those wonderful, caring people in our lives that still have the ability find room in their hearts for hope and faith.  I'm thankful for them and that in my world, there's still always room for love. 

1 comment:

  1. am sorry about your friend. but it's true. sometimes, we really need to unload unnecessary baggages in our lives, particularly pessimistic or negative people, before they drain our spirits and determination to go with life despite challenges and difficulties.



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