January 25, 2010

It's All On The Wrist

Some say the origin of the bracelet dates back more than 6000 years to ancient Egypt and throughout Africa in the cradle of civilization as well as in ancient China. Bracelets in Egypt and Africa were initially made with wood, stones, bones, and plant fibers and later copper and bronze while China produced the first known innovation to this popular jewelry with jade bracelets and elaborate gold bracelets starting in 2,000 B.C. (credit: bracelets.com)

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of a bracelet is "an ornamental band or chain worn around the wrist" but I don't think you can oversimplify this piece of jewelry.  While I adore necklaces and earrings, a beautiful bracelet can be the perfect expression of individuality.  There's no better accessory for well defined arms than a strapless dress or sleeveless blouse and chunks of colorful gemstones like the ones I've designed for The Shop at JulRe Designs  (above) or a simple, singular row of exquisite diamonds.  And bracelets are the perfect adornment for those expressive souls who love to speak volumes with their hands. The flashes of color or sparkle have the power to distract you from a compelling conversation or completely occupy your mind during a boring one.  Some find them annoying.  They can be quite noisy when piled on in sets.  I wouldn't suggest an armful of bangles for your next interview.   And true, they do get in the way when you're trying to write or type but that's a small price to pay for true arm glamour.  I never leave home without one....or six.

BONUS: View delicious arm candy from 3 of my favorite indie jewelry designers: Anne Maa, Laura Timmins and Sharon MacLeod

January 18, 2010

There's Always Room for Love

I had a friend (emphasis on the word "had") who has a rather depressing, doomsday view of life.  No joy can be found in this person's soul.  Life's trials and tribulations have robbed her of inner peace and slowly eroded her desire to get it back.  Unfortunately, I can no longer let her malevolence drain my spirit and I made the difficult decision to end our relationship.  However, today I sent her this passage from the inspirational website Daily Om.  I have no delusions of the words jumping off the page and leaping into her heart, turning it from dark to light, but I do wish her well and I hold out hope that someday she will find love for herself and the world around her.

That whole unfortunate experience made me remember that, in light of the many challenges that we have faced this past decade, this past year, this past week in our world, the tragic events in Haiti not withstanding, we should be so very grateful to have those wonderful, caring people in our lives that still have the ability find room in their hearts for hope and faith.  I'm thankful for them and that in my world, there's still always room for love. 

January 11, 2010

Soulful Eating

Have you heard the advice “eat mindfully”?  It asks that we be consciously aware of what foods we are consuming and just how much we are taking in.  It requires a level of focus that easily escapes us when we are overworked, stressed out and under pressure.  I’m trying to adapt to more mindful eating since a recent fast showed me exactly how toxic my body was from months of neglect.  I won’t get into the gory details but I will say that I had a major light bulb moment.  I realized that my eating habits (i.e. the way I eat) were counterproductive to a high quality of life and longevity, two things that are integral parts of my life plan. So as the days grow closer to a monumental birthday for me, I’m reminded of all the wonderful things I want to do well in the next phase of my life.  Not including a change in how I relate to food would prove hazardous to my overall wellbeing.  So while being mindful of the things that I put into my body, I feel I would also benefit from a feeding of the soul, so to speak. 

I love food.  I adore the tastes, smells and textures that come with a superb meal.  I take pleasure in experiencing new restaurants and cuisines.  Eating can sometimes be spiritual for me especially when I discover a dish that is not only healthy but stimulates my senses and creates a warm, comforting, deep down sensation of satisfaction.  Recently, a friend that could be the poster child for eating soulfully shared a very simple but special dish that she came across on EatingWell.com.    Her soulful adaptation?  Chopped jalapenos for warmth.  It doesn’t hurt that she serves ALL of her meals, even when dining alone, on a beautifully set table with exquisite cutlery, glassware and fine china.  She creates a mindful “experience” rather than a space to perform a perfunctory task.   Her motto – Feed the mind, feed the soul.  I want to live that.

Photo Courtesy of EatingWell.com

January 4, 2010

The No Resolution Revolution

I stopped making New Year’s resolutions when I realized that they were just another vehicle designed to set me up for failure.   Make a list, check it twice – BAH!  Tricks, mind teases?  What are we actually saying when each year we have the same d**n things on the list?  I’ve decided that I’m going to dedicate myself to making necessary life changes as they are needed, throughout the year on a daily basis.  I’m no longer going to struggle with accountability to a piece of paper overflowing with bulleted self improvement wish list items.

Now, with that being said, let me dismount from my proverbial soapbox.  I am notorious for procrastination. Some have said I’m a Class A procrastinator.  Take this blog.  I made a “resolution” last summer to keep a weekly writing schedule.  I even plotted realistic steps that would enable me to find the time to be successful in this endeavor.  Yet if you look at the date on the post prior to the one you are currently reading, you will see that something went awry.  As with a lot of things that I know I should accomplish, I manufactured reasons why writing could be put on the back burner for a day, which would stretch into a week and when realization finally set in, a month had gone by.  The blame game and the “I just can’t do everything” pity party have been so much a part of my modus operandi that on those occasions when I actually do something when it needs to be done, I’m surprised and breathless.  So what’s the answer, the lesson learned, the moral of this story?

It’s not a list.  There’s no magic or divine intervention necessary.  And in my case, I don’t think any amount of therapy, coaching or training would make a bit of difference.  It’s actually a very simple and succinct fix.  As Nike says “Just Do It”.


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