November 2, 2009

Get Thee to ETSY....Coffee Table Edition

Some day soon, I’ll get over my intense need for safety and security and pop the cork on my hard earned savings to purchase a new home. And when I do, I’ll finally be able to completely unleash my taste for contemporary design by filling the house with expressive, modernistic furniture. My favorite space in my current home is the living room. It’s where our friends and family join us for great conversations. When I work from home, it’s the one place where coziness reigns and sometimes it’s where the man in my life and I take pleasure in reading peacefully together, enjoying the rare moments of silence. A central fixture in most living rooms is the coffee table. Our current one is a functional slab of polished black wood. It lacks style and has no identifiable personality. It’s there to serve one purpose – to keep stuff off of the floor. But in our new home, the coffee table will also serve as an exciting work of art. During a recent search for a classic bookshelf to give as a gift, I discovered a few incredible artisans/craftsmen on Etsy who have created inspiring works in table form (see below). I may have to loosen the purse strings sooner than planned.

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

And remember, THINK HANDMADE and shop these talented artists and the hundreds of others (including yours truly) you will find on Etsy this upcoming holiday season.

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