October 5, 2009

Eating Royalty

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with cupcakes. I have them available at all times in my jewelry design studio for customers. That’s what I tell people but the truth is they’re there to feed my addiction. I serve them for dessert at all of my parties. I give them as gifts and when traveling to a new city or country, I research their availability before going. I just discovered Cupcakes for a Cause and I couldn’t be happier that eating my favorite food and giving can be mutually beneficial. I follow fellow cupcake fanatics like @cupcakeblog and @tweetmycupcake on Twitter. I’ve eaten so many of them, I consider myself a cupcake connoisseur. One thing I don’t do is bake them. I leave that to the true professionals like Crumbs in NYC and Cupcake Salon in Jersey City, NJ or Velvet Sky Bakery in the Philadelphia, PA area.

What makes a great cupcake and the best cupcake flavor combo (cake/icing) are always debatable issues. My manly man likes them very simple – a rich, ultra moist dark chocolate cake with a light layer of bittersweet chocolate frosting, no jimmies, sprinkles or other adornments. Pumpkin Carrot cupcakes have become very popular with my girlfriends since they found this
recipe. But I am in sugar coma heaven whenever I have a regal Red Velvet cupcake in my hand. Yeah, if you polled cupcake lovers everywhere, you’d probably get the same answer but there’s a reason for that. The combination of the special cocoa that gives the cake its great flavor and the majestic cream cheese frosting makes this dessert a royal treat. The best I’ve ever had came from a customer who made them using southern cooking diva Paula Deen’s recipe but added a secret ingredient that she swears she will never share. I'll be making jewelry for her forever just so she'll keep bringing me my fix.

They’re perfect with sparkling wine, a hot cup of medium roast coffee or an ice cold glass of skim milk. Because of their diminutive size, they can be easily transported but who are we kidding? Their smallness can lead to our largeness. I DON”T CARE! They look great displayed on fine silver platters or plastic plates. They come in infinite varieties and will put a smile on the face of little girls and grown men. They’re grand sweetness in small packages and I love them. Yum.

Photo Courtesy of The Food Network

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