September 28, 2009

The Generosity of Jeans

Jeans are the fashion gift that just keeps giving. They are undoubtedly the only items in my wardrobe that, with the exception of in formal or conservative corporate environs, work every time. The styles, fits and price points are endless. Decorative stitching and denim washes make jeans more versatile than the go-to black trousers. Don't get me wrong - black pants will always be a must-have staple in your wardrobe but jeans allow you to show more of your own fashion personality.

I own 35 pairs. I counted for the first time last week so that this post would be accurate. I really should say I own 35 pairs that I can wear right now. There are actually more. As excessive as that may sound, I'll justify it all by saying that no two pair looks exactly alike. There's something different that they each have to offer and that’s the beauty of jeans. Take for instance my Victoria's Secret Super Flare jeans (right) with a comfortable fit (it's
all about the stretch!) and decorative back pockets. They look great with bulky sweaters and fitted tops but I always wear them with stiletto heels. At $59.50, I can own them in both washes. The closest this curvy girl will ever get to the trendy ultra skinny jeans are the Matchstick jeans by J. Crew. The dark rinse wash make them perfect for creative casual Fridays or dinner out. Hey, I've tried them all from the pricey 7 for all Mankind and J. Brand to the GAP and $29.99 Levis. I've recently discovered the brand Not Your Daughter's Jeans at Neiman Marcus with realistic rises (no booty exposure here) and fabulous styles. But my all-time favorites for fit, function and fashionability (my new word for “great style”) are the Modern Denim Trousers from Ann Taylor. This company knows that women come in all shapes and respects that by offering a jean that not only fits perfectly but is both classic and sexy.

So you see the world of jeans is a generous one with huge selections for all tastes, sizes, occasions and pocketbooks. Hmmm...I just heard those VS Super Flares are on sale and come in a new wash! Maybe just one more pair....

Photos courtesy of GAP and Victoria's Secret.

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