February 26, 2009

The Comfort Factor

Before you call me a fashion victim, know that in my more “mature years”, I’ve come to appreciate comfort. While I’ll never deny my love for sky-high stiletto heels ala Christian Louboutin, the ability to actually take grown-up steps is much more important these days. Last spring, I had a month long mid-life crisis. I had secret online affairs with Zappos, Endless and Piperlime. It was so bad that I knew our UPS guy’s children’s names. Shoe boxes took over my closet and most of the floor space in my bedroom until my boyfriend found out and subtly suggested therapy. I willed myself to stop the compulsive shoe shopping long enough to realize I was so out of control that I could actually open a fully stocked boutique. But in the midst of the psychodrama, I rediscovered a shoe company that has long been associated with comfort but had lacking on the fashionable style side. Clarks, the British shoe company known for its hearty, superbly constructed footwear, has a line sold in the US called the Artisan Collection. It’s starting to show some real fashion-forward consciousness.

The “Navan” (pictured above in Red), has a walkable 3 inch heel with a sexy cross strap upper and a cushy foot bed. I feel supported in this shoe and it comes in a great selection of colors (I own them in Brown too!). The “Korbin” sandal (shown at right in Brown) has a trendy Grecian flair and is so cute, you’ll want to wear them everywhere. You can get a pair in colors to match every outfit. Let's just say these are not in short supply in my closet! Not all of the shoes in the Artisan Collection are adorable but I think Clarks is heading toward the chic zone with some of their Spring ’09 additions. Prices range from $80 - $95. I believe Zappos has the biggest and best selection of the Artisan Collection but you can also purchase them from Piperlime.

Formula for a happy fashionista? Comfort (always first) + Fashion = ☺

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