January 22, 2009

Reckless Anointments

The endless chatter about First Lady Michelle Obama’s wardrobe choices for Inauguration Day got me to thinking about those who have chosen to put needless, tiresome labels on the already heavy shoulders of this accomplished woman. I love fashion. I’ve even made a career for myself in fashion. And I have my own opinions about the brilliant lace ensemble by Isabel Toledo that she wore for day (loved it!) and the creamy, one-shouldered evening gown by Jason Wu (not my favorite). But when I hear commentary that anoints Mrs. Obama as “the savior of the American fashion industry”, I worry. I was horrified at a comment that basically called her selections an “embarrassment for our country”. What? It’s just a freakin’ dress!

Thank goodness that we live in a country where we have the right to speak our collective minds about any and every topic we choose, where we are so incredibly blessed to have the right to opinions but when we start to tie world issues to a person’s own sense of style, a clear picture becomes evident of just how thoughtless, feebleminded and one dimensional some can be. When we put overdone emphasis and pointless markers on people who have much more important things to focus on like being a great mother and the quest to help bring a sense of peace to military families, it’s no wonder why our skewed priorities have brought us to this troublesome place we now find ourselves.

Fashion is so many wonderful things but it’s not the stuff great countries or great people are made of.

Photo courtesy of the Associated Press

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