January 5, 2009

For the Love of Gemstones

Rubies, sapphires and emeralds are lush precious stones that while not as popular or as coveted as diamonds, all played essential roles in helping me to create some of the most passion-filled jewelry I’ve ever done. I have spent the past few months using these stones as well as others that are unique and unheralded such a vessonite, andaluscite and prehnite to make a very special LUXE collection of jewelry sold online exclusively at 1000 Markets.

I usually don't promote my jewelry in blog posts. I've preferred to share the beauty of other's accomplishments. But this body of work came straight from my soul. The true passion for what I do as a jewelry designer is spoken through every necklace. The process was complex, maniacal and sometimes took too much from me. I worked long hours on colors and dimensions. I researched new gems and then began feverish, obsessive hunts for the dealer or vendor that sold the best quality. My eyes burned as I twisted tiny wire into loops and pulled silk threads through needle eyes so small that my magnifying glasses steamed up in revolt from the pressure.

But through it all, I would not trade one sleepless night, missed meal or pierced fingertip. It’s every designer’s dream to be able to connect so closely to their work and I think this collection has brought me full circle. Please enjoy. Now, will I ever be able to part with any of it?!

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