December 1, 2008

Technology the Old School Way....Sort Of

BlackBerries, iPhones, Centros, BlackJacks….I’ve resisted the obsessive buying frenzy that accompanies each time a new communications device is introduced to the marketplace. And it’s been hard because I live with one of the most rabid new handheld technology consumers on the planet. Our home is filled with almost every style of BlackBerry ever made. Over the years, we’ve given some of the older models away to deserving friends and family members and we are currently looking for a few non-profit organizations to donate the rest. (Suggestions are welcome) Mind you, none of the new technology purchases made in our household have been done willy-nilly. Much research and people polling takes place before hard-earned dollars are parted with. CNET has become a trusted ally in our quests. I should clarify that I ALWAYS assist in the investigative process. I hunt down product reviews, package deals, etc. but one of the last times I actually pulled the trigger and opened up my own wallet was when my current cell phone, the Motorola SLVR came out and the only reason I bought it was because my trusty albeit antiquated Palm T/X needed a Bluetooth capable device to mate with in order for me to meet my growing business communication needs.

I am not technology averse. On the contrary, I was just as excited as everyone else when the iPhone was introduced as well as its current competition, the BlackBerry Storm. I was cautiously thrilled that there was one gadget that could do so many incredible things. I just wasn’t going to be one of those people who camped out in front of AT&T or Verizon stores, needing to be the first in my peer group to fall so fast for the hype to own this latest tool of innovation. Marketing be damned! I’m not that gullible. I’ve waited, talked to a few friends who own one, read all of the reviews and came to the conclusion that my current setup was not so bad. Sure, having an all-in-one device has its merits, convenience not withstanding. And I’m sure my shoulders wouldn’t object to a little less weight to bear from my already oversized handbags. The problem is if you lose one, you’ve lost it all. You’re completely off your game until you can get another one. That’s why I like specialists. I like the steakhouse that offers other types of food but makes sure that it does steak as steak should be done. I like lingerie boutiques that carry a great selection of bras and panties and not much else. When those printer/scanner/copier things came out, I was leery. I kept thinking that if one function broke down perhaps the other functions would become disabled as well. In older models, that became inevitable. So, I feel more comfortable with technology that does one thing well. Call me old school, if you want, but I’ll be sticking to what works – my Palm T/X for calendar maintenance & internet access, my Apple iPod Nano for tunes and my Motorola SLVR for voice communication.

By the way, no one in our household owns an iPhone or a Storm – yet.
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