November 3, 2008

These Boots Are Made for Loving

Obsessions are not all deviant. In fact, I’m a firm believer in healthy fashion fixations. And since shoes have been one of my lifelong fascinations, I’d like to share a few of the members on my Fall 2008 Fantasy Footwear team:

Left to right: Christian Louboutin Leather & Suede Boot, Giorgio Armani Platform Ankle Boot, Alexandra Neel Platform Boot
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A couple of pairs of great boots are an absolute must for my Fall/Winter wardrobe, not only for their empowering effect (high heels give me perfect posture) but the versatility in styles. Whether you prefer ankle boots, or thigh highs (!), one inch or five inch heels (eeek!), any option will give you a fashionable alternative to flats and pumps. In better economic times, I have spent a pretty penny on a spectacular pair. Thankfully, there are some great online boutiques like
Zappos, J. Marco, that have fabulous boots for almost every budget. Don’t wear boots because you can’t find a stylish pair for your wide calves? J. Crew has a great selection.

Left to right: Nine West Danicka Boots, Ginger Goff Suede Boots, J. Crew Beckett Boots
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Word of Shopping Advice: The boots that are truly made for loving are the ones that respect all 26 bones in each of your feet….

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