October 31, 2008

Scary Studio

I’ll be spending my Halloween in a very frightening place – the production area of my design studio. The picture on the left highlights a very small area on one of my design tables. I dare not show more as I fear for my reputation. I know it’s not pretty but it is what it is. The table looks the way it does because I can not create jewelry on pristine spaces. I’ve tried. For some bizarre reason, I must be surrounded at all times by colorful clutter. Only then do I begin to “feel” a bracelet coming on or a necklace surface from the deep, dark crevices of my creative mind. Don’t laugh. It’s my reality.

So on this All Hallows Eve, while greeting the neighborhood children with boatloads of assorted sweets and confections, I must temporarily relinquish control of my sacred space and “tidy” it in order to not scare away guests that will be attending a private trunk show I am hosting with a friend on Saturday. I’ve been asked to actually demonstrate how I go about designing my jewelry and the best place to do that is where it actually happens, so I was told. I’ve selfishly kept this part of my studio off limits to the public for obvious reasons but my friend made a cunning plea, I promised without thinking through the consequences and now I must honor the ill-gotten commitment. This trick is definitely not a treat…

Save some organic candy corn for me.

If you live or work in the New York Tri-State or Philadelphia, PA areas and would like more information on hosting a JulRe Designs Private Trunk Show in your home, at your company or at our Jersey City, NJ Design Studio,
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